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Profiles in Life Planning: Louis Vollebregt #1

Photograph of Louis Vollebregt, RLP®
Louis Vollebregt, RLP®


Name:  Louis Vollebregt

Certifications and memberships:  RLP®

Business Name: Means in Progress BV

Location: Horalaan 14, 6721 KN BENNEKOM (The Netherlands)

Website: and

Favorite Parts of My Own Life Plan:    Doing what matters most; not wasting time on things that just seem urgent but actually are unimportant to me. Helping other people to develop to the max of their abilities.

Favorite  Life Plans I Have Helped Deliver for Clients:    I love to work with entrepreneurs in the financial industry. As this is a branch that is very much trying to find new ways to deliver good service, I take pride in helping professionals in our industry to migrate to worthwhile new ways to interact with clients.

Profiles in Life Planning: Greet Selderslaghs #1

Photograph of Registered Life Planner, Master of Life Planning, Greet Selderslaghs
Greet Selderslaghs, RLP®


Name:  Greet Selderslaghs RLP®

Certifications and memberships: Master of Life Planning

Business Name: Art of Good Living

Location: Zemst and Ternat, Belgium


Favorite Parts of My Own Life Plan:    Being life planned makes me feel as if I’m constantly on holiday! It made me go for my own business, coaching people, and set me off writing my own novel. Yes, I do work hard, yes, I do have challenges. But because who I am and what I do are very close together, I always find the courage and enthusiasm to go for it again.

Favorite  Life Plans I Have Helped Deliver for Clients:    Someone came to see me, feeling depressed and low. In no time she found the strength to buy a plot of land, and in a newly designed and built building, set up her own business with her own designs, putting apart the profits for a –once-in-a-life-time trip to Mexico.

Profiles in Life Planning: Mary Zimmerman #2

Photograph of Registered Life Planner® Mary Zimmerman
Mary Zimmerman, CFP®, RLP®


Name:  Mary Zimmerman CFP®, RLP®

Certifications and memberships:
Certified Financial Planner™ practitioner
Registered Life Planner®
Financial Planning Association
National Association of Tax Professionals
National Society of Accountants
Mensa International
Nazrudin Project

Business Name: PATH Financial Strategies, LLC

Location: Chandler, Arizona

Website: None

Favorite Parts of My Own Life Plan:    I was fortunate to be a member of the first graduating class of Registered Life Planners® (Spring, 2003). My Life Plan has evolved over the years in wonderful and unexpected ways. Life has a way of changing our “plans.” For instance, since my original plan, I have become a grandmother. That changes life for just about everyone who becomes a grandparent, AND, as part of the Life Planning process, I was encouraged to noodle about what that meant to me. I will be “consciously present” when I am with my grandchildren. I will appreciate each stage of their life, and listen to them with my heart. For me, this intention is my guide, and Life Planning evoked this in me.

Favorite  Life Plans I Have Helped Deliver for Clients:    What comes to my mind when I think about Life Planning clients is the absolute beauty that arises in each person as they speak about their deepest desires and highest ideals. I have heard from a 26-year-old paraplegic military veteran that leaving a meaningful legacy was at his core. I have witnessed a wife telling her husband that she wished she had told him more times that she loved him. I have watched clients decide that “time trumps moneymaking” and seen the creative ways that “valued time” was implemented in their Life Plan. It continues to be a rare privilege to be part of this Life Planning movement.

Profiles in Life Planning: Johanna Turner

Photograph of Registered Life Planner Johanna Turner
Johanna Turner, CPA, CFP®, RLP®


Name:   Johanna Fox Turner

Certifications and memberships:
• Certified Public Accountant
• Certified Financial PlannerTM
• Registered Life Planner®
• NAPFA (National Association of Personal Financial Advisors) as a fee-only financial planner)
• Kentucky Society of CPAs
• Financial Planning Association

Business Name:
• Milestones Financial Planning, LLC
• Fox & Company, CPA, Inc.

907 Paris Road, Suites A and B, Mayfield, Kentucky 42066 USA


Favorite Parts of My Own Life Plan:    My life plan encouraged me to free myself from what I thought I was “supposed” to do and be and also helped me to discard some dreams that were actually trivial so that I could focus on what really matters.

Favorite  Life Plans I Have Helped Deliver for Clients:    A recent widow came to me, terrified of life and badly scared by a banker who told her she was almost broke. Life planning gave her clarity and confidence and gave us a great friend and advocate. Being able to touch lives in this way is truly a dream career.

Profiles in Life Planning: Andy Nevett

Photograph of Registered Life Planner Andy Nevett
Andy Nevett, CFP®, RLP®


Name:   Andy Nevett

Certifications and memberships:
• With over 30 years’ experience in the Financial Planning Industry, I am totally committed to helping small Business Owners and professionals find a better way to plan effectively for their future.
• Have a Management Science Degree from Warwick University and am a Registered Life Planner at the Kinder Institute.
• In the top 10% of Financial Advisers in the UK in terms of professional qualifications.
• Qualified as a Certified Financial Planner (CM) awarded by the Institute of Financial Planning, one of 1000 in the U.K.
• Hold an Advanced financial planning certificate Dip PFS.
• Specialist in financial strategy planning for business owners, including comprehensive retirement, investment, and tax planning.
• Have experienced boom and bust over 25 years, including 1987 stock-market crash, 1992 property slump, 1990′s boom, 2001 “tech-bubble” and 2003 stock-market bull. I have helped clients prepare for all scenarios!

Business Name: Freedom Financial Planning

Location: New Mills, Stockport, Cheshire, UK.


Favorite Parts of My Own Life Plan:    The highlight of my plan has been to buy and renovate a holiday home near to my eighty seven year old Aunty who is married to an Italian in a beautiful medieval village in Liguria, Italy. This place has become a sanctuary for myself, my wife and our two young daughters where we regularly spend quality time together.

Favorite  Life Plans I Have Helped Deliver for Clients:    My favourite life plan was for successful Business Owner Colin and his partner Sue who were living three hours from each other in separate houses, working long hours and snatching weekends together. Now two years later they are married and living in the Peak District in a beautiful, old house. Colin is working part-time and Sue’s daughter has moved up from the South to be near them. Colin succinctly said “However successful you may be in business, making major changes in your life and planning your future can be much more difficult”.