Profiles in Life Planning: Bruce Wilson

Photograph of Registered Life Planner® Bruce Wilson
Bruce Wilson FIFP, CFP, RLP®


Name:  Bruce Wilson

Certifications and memberships:  FIFP, CFP, RLP

Business Name: Helm Godfrey Partners Business

Location: London


Favorite Parts of My Own Life Plan:    My young adulthood had been a quest for freedom through travel and personal development. When I was life planned my journey had been about work and personal development but I had forgotten my quest for freedom in my life. The life planning brought that straight up like an express train roaring into my consciousness.

Favorite  Life Plans I Have Helped Deliver for Clients:    A widower getting in touch with his desire to find a new partner to share his life and how he would set about doing that and the fact that within a year he was married.  A 50 + year old man with a life-long desire to have a model train set in his home and waiting for the house that would have the room to do it.  Through Life Planning he came to realize that he could start now with the room he had and not wait for the house that would probably never come.

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