About Profiles in Life Planning

Life Planning is a story about stories.
Life Planning is one of the greatest stories imaginable, because it is the story of more and more people every day living the life of their dreams.
Life Planning is also the surprising story of one of the least trusted and most scandalous industries, financial services, evolving a new leading edge full of truly generous-hearted advisers who place serving the life goals and interests of their clients above all else.
One of the things that people find moving about George Kinder’s new book, Life Planning for You: Design and Deliver the Life of Your Dreams, is that it is full of great stories of how Life Planning has changed lives in the best of ways.  (Available in paperback ($13.85) and Kindle ($2.99).  See www.LifePlanningForYou.com.)
The Profiles in Life Planning series introduces some of those extraordinary people whose own lives were changed dramatically by going through Life Planning and who in turn make it their business to help others change their lives. Their Profiles offer short excerpts from their stories in their own words.

You can see these Profiles featured on social media, or see them as they come out on Money and Meaning: The Kinder Institute of Life Planning blog page https://moneyandmeaning.wordpress.com/ as well as here.

The Profiles videos are not slick professional promotional pieces, they are home movies, real people talking to the friend or family member behind the camera as if they were talking intimately to you. This is the way Life Planning is done, person to person, as real as real can be.

There are two Profiles in Life Planning series, the “Life of My Dreams” and the “Why Do Life Planning” series. The “Life of My Dreams” Profile videos tell the story of how that individual life has been transformed by going through the Life Planning process. The “Why Do Life Planning” series talks about the process itself and the benefits it brings to the planner and the one planned.

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